The Brand




Leneighz, a fashion design brand aimed at making every customer and client feel "confident in their own style" was established in 2010. A young, passionate and motivated 13 year old girl, Paige Leneigh was determined to own a fashion design company one day. Selling custom designed pieces throughout her teenage years led to today's success of what is now called Leneighz. Her dream is to empower other women and men to feel their best self while wearing one of her custom designs.


Word of Mouth

"I love my Tinkerbell dress so much, definitely getting a red and icy blue too."

-Kala B.-

“My Tinkerbell dress fits BEAUTIFULLY, It's soft and light and even prettier in person than it was on screen.”

- Sarah W.-

"Red is my favorite color, so I was so excited to purchase my Leneighz Lingerie set. It looks even better in person!"

- Amy J.-